How often have you holidayed in a resort set in a tea plantation at a hill station? Well now is your chance with Dream Catcher the resort within a tea plantation at Munnar. First of all what you’d love about the Dream Catcher resort is that it is far away from any other resort. Unlike the resorts near Munnar, you are not overlooking another resort right beside yours or across the road. Dream Catcher is located 19 Kms away From Munnar Town towards the Bisonvalley.

Dream Catcher Resort is literally what the name suggests. It is like walking into a dream where the most beautiful setting comes to life. Here happiness comes alive when especially when you are visiting with friends, family or loved one.

Being a plantation resort makes the Dream Catcher very special. The beautiful location is amidst hills. The resort is set on twenty acres of high-quality tea plantation which is well managed and maintained. The tea shrubs are well paced and you are able to easily walk between the rows. The rows of the tea are well planned and in neat rows. The aesthetics of the setting was well in mind when the resort came into being. When you look out from the windows, you can see the majestic Chokramudi hills in the distance playing hide and seek with mist. The mountain is believed to be the second tallest in these ranges after Anamudi.

The accommodation at Dream Catcher includes four tree houses, a tea garden honeymoon cottage, inter-connected bedrooms in the main resort, superior rooms, and deluxe rooms. The tree houses are a self-contained bedroom with a verandah, high up a tree. They are nearly 60 ft high and offer long distance views of the plantations and the regions around. Living in a tree house and getting woken up by the chirping of birds is an experience that can never be forgotten.

For a moment after you wake up you’ll wonder where you are. Then you will remember that you are high up, on a tree. And the only way to meet anyone else is to either call for room service or come down. You can be up there in the tree house as long as you wish, getting all your food and laundry delivered to you.

The managers of the resort have said that many foreign tourists who are writers and creative people come every year and spend their time alone in the tree house, writing or doing creative work. The cool climate, the fresh invigorating air and the beauty of nature all play its part in helping them do their best work. The tree house has all the amenities you can ever want including hot water round the clock, power with backup, TV, intercom, table, chair, bed and bathroom. The balcony allows you to laze around, watching the sunrise or sunset.

The honeymoon cottage is spacious, blending with the greenery and built in traditional styles. The cottage also has a nice dining space apart from all the features mentioned above. The interconnected room is fine for large families, especially for those who have young kids. For others, there is the option of choosing the Superior room or the Deluxe room each with nice scenic views.

The kitchen and the culinary skills of the chefs are worth mentioning as you are treated to a range of specialty dishes. The barbecue is done with practiced skill and the Kerala style curries are perfect. You can enjoy a range of activity, staying at the Dream Catcher Resort, Munnar. You can always stroll through the plantations which are interspaced with orange trees, cardamom, and nutmeg. You can go hiking, trekking up the hills or try your hand at bird-watching.

If you are planning to come to Munnar anytime soon, it will make good sense to book your rooms at the Dream Catcher Resort well in advance. In a couple of months, the Neelakurinji Flowers will begin to bloom and the official blooming season will come into play. As you may be aware, the Neelakurinji Flowers bloom only once in 12 years, which makes this event world-recognized phenomena.

This shrub which grows abundantly in the shola grasslands of the Western Ghats around Munnar is purple-blue in color. It is a bell-shaped flower which turns the entire hills of Niligiris into a shimmering shade of blue. The official blooming season is decided to be between July and November this year. Tourists and nature enthusiasts from across India and the world will be streaming into Munnar to witness this event and so, the rooms of every single hotel could get bulk-booked. This means it makes good sense to book your rooms at the Dream Catcher right now.